Singer. Actress. Dreamer. Influencer.

Bailey Peyton
Bold and Brave

Hello beautiful!

I am Bailey Peyton and I'm your go to gal. 
I believe in being the real deal without being perfectly done up.
I'm a country loving city girl with dreams and desires. I love flannel, yoga pants, good coffee and good wine. 
Be Bold
I know what it's like to blaze your own trail and pursue your passions. I know what it's like to be questioned by others who don't understand why you'd ever want to take such a "risky" path. I know what it's like to not have the roadmap to success. 

Click below to follow my story of being a girl who was destined for something bolder.
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Be Brilliant
I am here to share my story. How I spent my entire childhood looking for women to look upto and now it is my mission to be that woman. I am going to share the dirty little secrets of what it truly means to live life your way.
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