Being ME
Where my journey began...
Sometimes I wish you could have met her:

The 21-year old version of me. 
Because if you and I had met two years ago, you would have known a completely different person. 

Back then, I was working a typical 9-5 job and performing on the side, engaged, and living what I thought to be a very beautiful life. I bought new clothes and shoes every week. I ate out at least once a day + went out for drinks three times a week. I traveled to Vegas once a month. I frequented hair + nail salons, and expensive coffee shops. I would skip a workout for an indulgence without a second thought. I was the heaviest I've ever been but I masked that with a fake reality while trying to be someone I wasn't. I thought highlights + drinking made me a part of the 'cool crowd'. I was consumed with how I was perceived, what people thought of me, and how much “stuff” I could fill my life with while being unhappy. 

But as I watched those around me and asked myself the hard questions, I realized something crazy.

The fancy job  didn’t make me happy. The fancy clothes didn’t make me happy. The fancy lifestyle didn’t make me happy. And the things that truly did make me happy? Money couldn’t buy them.

I was happiest when I showed up at work in yoga pants and baseball cap.  
I was happiest when I jumped in my car and sang to country music at the top of my lungs on my dinner break.  
I was happiest when I was grabbing a vanilla latte with a new friend, exchanging stories and soul talk, as if we had known each other forever.  

So I decided to give it all up. I broke off my miserable engagement, sold a lot of the superficial crap I owned, quit my job, and moved back to Denver to live in my parents house while I started back at square one. 

For me, it was neither a risk nor a sacrifice. I simply gave up what was “supposed” to make me feel rich, for things that truly did.

Now I live a life of conscious simplicity. I enjoy a workout on the beach and a homecooked meal. I bargain shop for most of my clothes and decor, I paint my own nails, and I buy more sneakers than heels. 

And today I have more freedom, more fun, more experiences, and a better life than I ever could have imagined.

So when I say that building your own contagiously happy life + career is a journey of overcoming + becoming, I understand this first hand.

And when I say that redefining success will transform your story in ways you’ll thank yourself for later, I can say that with confidence.

Because if there’s one thing I can promise you it’s this: All the “should dos” and the “have tos” will never actually lead you where you want to go.

But fighting for what matters to YOU most has the power to change everything.


If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.
Jen Sincero - Author of You Are a Badass