Singer. Actress. Dreamer. Influencer.

Bailey Peyton
“Without music, life would be a blank to me.” While I can’t claim Jane Austen’s Emma quote for myself, these simple words can explain my passion for song.  I grew up with a passion and dedication to musical theater and performed my first professional role in The Sound of Music at the old age of six.  I immediately fell in love with the spot light, the applause, but mostly the magic and fullness that music brought to my life.  

Since then, I have performed in many theaters, in many cities, and for many fellow musical theater lovers.  As much as I love the stage, I feel most inspired by writing and singing my own songs.  I feel the greatest challenge in life is creating something from nothing, and music and lyrics combined into a song that has never before been heard does exactly that.  That is my ultimate goal, but in the mean time, I love singing any of the thousands of songs already created and inspired by many great artists that have come before me.  Please enjoy my covers, comment on my originals, and experience the musical journey with me.